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Case Study and Global Challenge

SUBWAY® Case Study and Global Challenge

Aspiring young entrepreneurs from over 100 countries participated in the global phenomenon, the 2013 Subway Global Challenge. This online business simulation game, hosted by Subway restaurants and Young & Successful Media, empowered players to build, manage, and promote their own virtual Subway franchises. Through engaging challenges and educational components, participants honed their business development and entrepreneurial skills, competing for the chance to visit Subway headquarters and network with industry leaders. This unique initiative sparked global youth engagement in franchising, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring business minds.

The 2013 Subway Global Challenge boasted a vibrant and youthful branding strategy. Its logo, featuring a stylized globe with a Subway sandwich replacing a continent, emphasized the competition’s global reach. The collateral design, including website visuals and social media graphics, incorporated a dynamic color palette with the brand’s signature green and yellow as accents. Playful icons and infographics throughout the experience complemented the interactive nature of the online business simulation. This cohesive branding and design language conveyed the competition’s excitement and energy and resonated with the targeted young audience.

I worked as creative director and designer for the Subway® Case Study and the Subway® Global Challenge to create a case study to be shared with universities, followed by a global online campaign to reach players from over 100 countries. 

I worked to design the packaging for the Case Study DVD along with all collateral for the Subway® Global Challenge. The collateral included the Global Challenge website, social media posts, and bi-weekly branded emails.

My roles in this project:
– Creative Director and Design
– Brand creator following SUBWAY® Brand guidelines
– Project Manager

Collateral created:

  • Case Study DVD
  • Subway® Global Challenge site
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media Posts
  • Banners
  • Posters

SUBWAY® Case Study

The SUBWAY™ is the first corporate documentary to explore a myriad of fundamental concepts critical to understanding business, entrepreneurship, and franchising using SUBWAYRestaurants, the largest restaurant chain in the world, as a case study.

How a 17-year-old built the #1 restaurant chain in the world through franchising.

Packed with sixty interviews with the founding team, “Sandwich Artists” and franchisees who run the business, to C-level executives leading global growth, students everywhere are sure to be enthralled, inspired and awakened to new possibilities in their own lives and careers.

SUBWAY™ Case Study DVD Package Design

SUBWAY™ Case Study DVD Package Design (inside)

SUBWAY™ Global Challenge Promotional Insert

SUBWAY® Global Challenge

The SUBWAY® Global Challenge was created to inspire young, would-be entrepreneurs from around the globe. The SUBWAY® restaurant chain and Young & Successful Media launched an initiative designed to impact the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs through the SUBWAY® Global Challenge, which took place in 2012-2013.

The inspiration we captured in the online Challenge is a call to action for young people worldwide. We are particularly excited because it is all about providing job, career, and networking opportunities – not just winning prizes.

SUBWAY® Global Challenge Site Design

SUBWAY® Global Challenge collateral design