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Exploring Your Potential™

Career Readiness Course

Exploring Your Potential™

The Exploring Your Potential™ career readiness course addresses the marketplace today. It encourages students to take ownership of their paths and process.  It builds self-efficacy, passion, commitment, context, confidence, determination, ambition, and the soft skills that are entirely getting in the way of their employment prospects, success in their first jobs, and even more entrepreneurial pathways.

Four courses with 24 individual modules designed to assist students in identifying and leveraging their best options for experience, employment, and entrepreneurship. These courses facilitate the exploration of education and career pathways.  Videos, quotes, surveys, activities, reflection questions, text, illustrations

The EYP Program is based on six core competencies, Self-Awareness, Problem-Solving, Decision Making, Career Orientation, Strategic Planning, and Execution, which can prepare students upon completion of education to enter into employment in occupations for which there is documented demand and which pay a livable wage.

Scaffolding activities support students in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and actions to demonstrate strategic planning and intelligent decision-making.  Students build foundational career, professional, and life skills essential to subsequent success in college and early career exploration.

Exploring Your Potential provides deep insights into student and personal needs that assist administrators in ensuring student success.

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My roles in this project:
– Co-founder
– Strategy
– Creative Direction / Design
– Team and Project Management
– UX / UI Design
– Mid-Level Prototype Development

– Moodle LMS (Learning Management System)
– WordPress
– CanopyEd LMS (Learning Management System)